Stronger Together News

Stronger Together Team
19/06/2020 - 08:12:29am

It has come to our attention that some people are currently pretending to be 'STT Admins'. The main users involved being JBdevzzz#5984, Slayer1123#7361, Stringer#2624, DVred Modzz#1606. Below you can find an example of what these threatening messages look like. Please note we will never ask you to perform a verbal interview or ask for any details where it's not located on this site. along we never message you regarding your ban details unless you have contacted us through the site. The automated STT Bot messages users.

Stronger Together Team
19/04/2020 - 01:30:16pm

We have an update as previously mentioned on the status of the STT Bot along with some other things. This is more so a changelog of everything that has changed from the bot to a few other things.

- We have a new #StrongerTogether logo as you can see our app, bot embeds, and website logos have changed to a new logo.
- We listened to what you guys wanted and introduced a public ban reason. Anyone can now search and see these reasons. See below for more on this.
- New STT Bot membership removal embeds along with many other embeds the bot makes to make them look fancier.
- Notifications are now different and the way the bot interacts with your server is different.
- If configured a role is now given to users once and if they have verified.
- Verifications have been redone to grab better information on whether a user is on an alternate account.
- The bot has fully been remade so it should be running better with it's updated methods. We aim to remove any remaining bugs in the next couple of days.

Stronger Together Team
17/04/2020 - 02:00:10pm

Hello all, as the STT bot finishes testing and all we are addressing the one suggestion we have had for a very long time. Public ban reasons! In the coming days when the bot is released logged in users will see a search button to the top bar. This will allow you to search via user ID or ban ID for a user's ban information along with a ban reason. Stay tuned for more and change-logs on the STT Bot.

Stronger Together Team
12/04/2020 - 02:04:30pm

The STT Bot will most likely experience some downtime over the next day or so as the entire bot is remade and tested. We will provide a changelog here in our news feed when it's released as the updated bot. We will try and keep the current version online as much as possible.

The new bot will have some new features, but mainly updated with better methods and designed to operate faster and with more power.

Have questions? contact us or Tweet FAXES via Twitter

Stronger Together Team
09/04/2020 - 02:43:36pm

We thought the website needed some love, so we redesigned the whole thing! Some of the major changes include

- The new news section.
- New bot configuration page with some new settings.
- User and guild reports no longer exist, they are now one report form.

Along with the website being remade is a speedy 24 hours, we would also like to welcome FAXES back onto the Stronger Together Team! Over the next week or less, the STT bot will be remade from the ground up to be faster and more reliable. Updates on that soon!