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Welcome back!


After around eight months STT is finally back and better then ever! After soft-closing around July 2020 due to operations reputation and the ability to run it full time we are now open again and for good!

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For book worms here's a break down of what has happened and now changed to STT.

StrongerTogether was soft-closed in July 2020 as STT had gained a reputation for being bias or not fact checking reports. After investigating some things we found that some former STT members had dodgy bans in the system. This is not creating drama with the former members - but some bans didn't have evidence/proof or were against people that they didn't like.

This called for a time of change. With Discord releasing verified bots and discordJs v12 it meant that things also needed to be updated. The reputation of STT wasn’t good so everything was put offline for a while as we abandoned the project. In the start of 2021 the idea was put forward to open the project again. That was sat on for a while. In mid February 2021 the project was launched again as there was demand for STT to relaunch as other services didn’t offer what STT did..

But to launch STT again we would have to correct the issues that lied in the past. So we created an External Review Team which helps review appeals and reports created. This makes everything fair game with bans. This now prevents false bans or false reports that are made. The External Review Team help make our system more just and better then any others.

With these issues corrected it was time for STT to relaunch to what it is now - a better leak prevention system.


So, what’s to come?

Coming soon STT will be launching a public API for people to use and connect to their websites to prevent leakers getting ahold of your stuff. This will be working closely with Jake Hamblin’s PayPal store template to have an option to not allow banned users to check out.

Another awesome thing coming to STT will be the enhancement of our bot and how it works. Soon we will be launching a bot panel to edit your bot settings along with adding more features that all guilds can use.

If you have a suggestion let us know in our Discord server or contact us!



Protect your community!

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