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Update v3.0


StrongerTogether Bot has been updated to a new version and is ready for live use by users. Some features were removed and many are to be further made.

Quick Summary

  • Added new setup command - sttsetup. This will run the user through the guild setup.
  • Added a new help command which displays commands and other information - stthelp.
  • Added a new team permission system based on roles.
  • Updated the owner DM message that is sent when the bot is added to a guild.
  • Updated hyperlinks in messages to reflect the new site.
  • Added command descriptions used in the help command.
  • Removed (re-)verifications.

Detailed Summary

New setup command

As we no longer have our old website and have moved to FaxDesk we don't have the bot configuration page. Now the bots settings are adjusted via the new setup command (sttsetup). When you run this command you will be asked a series of questions to configure STTBot for your guild.

In the future we plan to have a site configured base option to so users can either use the website or bot to update their settings - to be implemented.

New help command

A new help command has also been added as we plan to make way more public commands that anyone can use. Currently you can either do stthelp or sttcmds for the module to pop up. This module comes with all bot commands (as previously mentioned) along with information about STT and the bot. We plan to have some quick links there soon too!

Team permissions based on roles

As we move towards a more external and separated review standard we have removed our 'admins' database and replaced the permissions (which used to be based off of the 'admins' database) and moved to a role based permission system. Users in the STT Discord with the below listed roles will have permissions to perform actions as the roles suggest.

  • Stronger Together Team
  • Ban Permissions

These users will be able to ban and unban users. This permission is granted to the most trusted External Review Team members.

Updated messages

We have also updated a few messages and how they're formatted...

The guild owner message which is sent when the bot is added to a guild has been updated to now reflect the new setup command and hyperlinks.

Hyperlinks and text have also been updated in multiple other messages (unbans, bans, and more) to mainly reflect our new website or fix grammar issues.

For example a hyperlink from the old website (https://strongertogether.network/appeal) has changed to the article link for appealing located at https://strongertogether.network/article/4.

Command descriptions

We have added command descriptions to all commands which is shown in the stt help message. This allows users to know what a command does and how it functions.

Verifications removed

Our verification functions have been removed as we noticed around 12% of guilds used this functions and it added a little bit of resource usage to our services. This may be added back in the future if the demand is more present. The function was also removed due to the removal of the old website and no longer having that part of the website.

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