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What is the External Review Team?



The External Review Team (ERT) is an independent group that reviews reports, and appeals. This team isn't directly apart of the StrongerTogether Team hence the external part.

What makes this team external from STT?
These users work on a voluntary basis and are not connected to the development or direct operation of STT. They simply review reports and appeals in an independent manner. See this article on how we make appeals the fairest we can for all users.

ERT members may however, take part in helping out in STT operations but this isn't their goal or task at hand. Suggestions and basic Discord server moderation is other areas the ERT helps keep clean.

ERT Jobs

  • Review user and community reports.
  • Review ban appeals
  • Review general support tickets
  • Assist in Discord server moderation


Status: OPEN

To join the ERT simply do .apply in a text channel in the STT Discord and complete the questions in the form.

These are the requirements to join the ERT:

  • Be over the age of 16
  • Be level headed and able to think straight
  • Not show bias to reports
  • Not have a major prior ban history (this is reviewed case-by-case)
  • Not be involved in drama throughout the communities

If you meet the above go try and apply if our status is open.

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