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What does the STT Bot do?



The primary focus of STT bot is allowing developers a way to keep their communities and assets protected from them unwanted leakers. Below you will find information about how STT bot works.


Since we have removed the option for using the website for setting up the bot with log channels and etc. The community/guild owner will need to run the setup command for setting options, Such as log-channel and etc.

Once the command has been ran, It will ask some questions for setting options. Please do not manual delete questions after answering them. It will automatically delete them after 1 minute.


All bans are stored inside a database. Theses bans will never be removed from the database. This allows team members to keep track on the users with previous history of bans, If they are ever banned again.

STT bot offers auto-ban. If a user joins a community/guild with STT bot inside and the auto-ban option enabled and they are inside the database and have a active ban. It will automatically ban/remove them from the community/guild. We know some people do not like having this option on all the time. So we have made a option togglable.


All bans are reviewed very closely by our Review Team insuring each ban appeal is handle correctly. STT bot auto-unban function will unban a user from all communities/guilds with this feature enable.


STT bots help command will show all available commands inside the bot and descriptions about how they function. It also shows some information about STT and the bot!

STT Bot Invite
STT Discord

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