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Setting up STT Bot for your guild - Article deleted


Welcome to the setup guide for STT bot. This guide will cover inviting and setting up the bot for your guild.

If you're looking for details on what STT bot is and does check out this article by Beefer.


Inviting the bot is super easy and all you need to do is click the below link to invite to your Discord.

STT bot invite.

Setting up

Now that you have added the bot to your guild you can run the setup command - sttsetup.
This will start the setup process by asking questions. Below is an overview of the questions and the functions.

Once all the questions are answered you will see it updates and produces a message. Do sttsettings to view your settings.

  • What channel would you like logs to be posted too? To answer this you can put the channel ID or mention the channel you would like the logs to go to. Logs like newly banned users, unbanned users and other log messages go here.
  • Would you like users to be auto-unbanned when their appeals are approved? This will (if the user is banned) automatically unban ta user from the guild if they get un-stt-banned.
  • Do you want invite blocker enabled? As suggested this will block discord invites sent in your discord by users. This will delete any and all invites automatically. It doesn't delete the invite if its from a moderator though.
  • Would you like STT Bot to automatically ban users that are STT Banned? This will automatically ban users that get STT banned. Turning this off will make warning messages go to your log channel instead of banning the user.

Default Settings

If you can't be bothered setting up STT bot these are the default settings.

  • Logging: Disabled
  • Auto-Unban: Disabled
  • Invite Blocker: Disabled
  • Auto-ban: Enabled

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