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How to appeal my ban


Looking to finally appeal your ban? This is the guide for you. Being STT banned can be damaging over time and hopefully causes users to turn down better paths rather then bad paths. STT believes in second or multiple chances with banned users - we understand not everyone is perfect.

The purpose of STT bans is to mainly stop re-distributing and re-selling and punish the users throughout the community that do so. This is done in hope users will correct their actions and become better in the community. There is many 'big-name' developers that have leaked or done bad in the past and have since corrected and bettered themselves.

Appeal disclaimer:
Ban appeals are reviewed on a case to case basis and are handled using poll and corrective action votes and views with an External Review Team. Appeals can take a good amount of time to review depending on the reason the user was banned. We ask that you be patient when awaiting a reply on your appeal.

Submitting a ban appeal doesn't mean you will be un-STT-banned. It's simply an appeal that you're making the appeal.

If your appeal is approved - your ban status is set to false but the record of you being banned is kept on record. It may take a few hours for the unban to fully go through our system and take effect. Some guilds may have the option of auto-unbanning you on, in which case your ban in that guild will be removed, if the guild has it disabled then the guild moderators will need to unban you manually.

If your appeal is denied - your appeal has been denied for the specified reason in the request. This doesn't mean you're permanently STT banned. It jus means your appeal was denied. You can always submit another ban appeal if the denial reason is corrected. Most appeals that get denied are due to the user still 'breaking the rules' or not showing any corrective actions. If your appeal is denied we suggest waiting a few more days to appeal again, or as otherwise suggested in the request.

How to appeal your ban

Go to the submit a request page and select STT Ban Appeal from the options. You will see a form will now appeal once selected.


Fill out the form to the best ability. The more detail and information provided helps your appeal process speed up. In the description make sure to outline the below points;

  • Why do you believe what you did was wrong?
  • Corrective actions you have taken to remove yourself from that situation in the future.
  • For the image upload you may include any evidence that helps your claim.

In your form you will also require to have your Ban ID and what you were banned for.
If you're unsure of how to obtain your ban ID read this article (coming soon).

Have more questions? Submit a request.