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How to report a community


Do you think a community is breaking 'the rules'?

Well we also have a process to this too!

When creating a community report we require the following things at the least;

  • Community owners discord user ID (if you're unsure of how to obtain a Discord user ID view this)
  • Details on what the user did
  • Community Discord/community invite link
  • Proof image (highly suggested)

Starting the report process

Hit up the submit a request button and select Community Reports. This will make a new form appear.

Starting the report process

Enter the subject (used as request name) along with the community name you're reporting.


Discord Ids and guilds

Next up we need to get the community owners Discord Id. If there's multiple you can enter them all. Also obtain a permanent invite link


Next up are a couple of dropdowns. Select the relevant option in these dropdowns.


Read the boxes

Read the checkboxes and check them. These are confirmations which help validate your report and put you liable for false claims.

Detailing the details

The last text box is where you must add details as to what happened, when it happened and how it happened. If you can't enter all the details or remember them we will request more information.

Then lastly upload an attachment of proof for the request. You can only upload one image but feel free to add additional screenshot links in your description or in the requests comments on the next page.


Further help

If you require further help reporting a user feel free to contact us and we can help you.

Did we miss a detail in this guide? Contact us and let us know what!

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