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How to report a user


In order to properly investigate and review reports we require a few things from the reporter to help enhance and speed up the review process.

With every report that gets created we review the details of the report and verify them to make sure the claims are truthful.

When creating a report we require the following things at the least;

  • Discord user ID (if you're unsure of how to obtain a Discord user ID view this)
  • Details on what the user did
  • Proof image (highly suggested)

Create a report here

Lets walk through the report form in detail.

Starting the report process

When you first go to the submit a request page you will have a few options. In our case we will select User Reports


Getting the subject done and dusted

After selecting User Reports a new form will appear on the page for you to fill out. First off type out a subject, this is used as the requests name. We suggest to keep it simple.


Usernames and Ids

Let us know who you're reporting along with the Discord user ID of the user. The ID is a numerical value (282762192544333827) not their hashtag name (FAXES#8655)


The Id is a vital part to your report as that Id must belong to the user you're reporting.

What did the scum do?

You will also need to select a basic option of what the user did. If you select Other you must let us know below what they did. Otherwise your report will be closed.


Checking boxes

There is also two checkboxes which must be checked for the form to be completed. These are confirmations which help validate your report and put you liable for false claims.


Detailing the details

The last text box is where you must add details as to what happened, when it happened and how it happened. If you can't enter all the details or remember them we will request more information.

Then lastly upload an attachment of proof for the request. You can only upload one image but feel free to add additional screenshot links in your description or in the requests comments on the next page.


Further help

If you require further help reporting a user feel free to contact us and we can help you.

Did we miss a detail in this guide? Contact us and let us know what!

Have more questions? Submit a request.