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Introducing the STT API


Something that you might of been waiting for is finally here - the #StrongerTogether API! This API has been mentioned or talked about many times and it's not here for the public to utilize.

The API allows you to create calls to our endpoints to get data on users bans or get every ban in the system. As with normal reports some details are released in the API, including which staff member banned them or the private evidence portion of the ban. Otherwise, the public reason and many other details are found in our call-backs.

The API is currently small but ha easy room to expand in the future if people request new endpoints!

So which API endpoints do we have?

All API calls start with the STT domain - https://strongertogether.network

Get all bans

To fetch an array of all the active bans in our system you can call the following endpoint in a GET request.

URL: /api/v1/getallbans
Type: GET
Response: Array

Example: https://strongertogether.network/api/v1/getallbans

Fetch User

To get a specific user from their Discord user ID or Ban ID use this endpoint.

URL: /api/v1/getuser/USER_ID_OR_BANID
Type: GET
Response: Array

Example: https://strongertogether.network/api/v1/getuser/838265458

If you have ideas on further endpoints that could be implemented contact via a request below!

Have more questions? Submit a request.