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To All Ban Database Bots!


Hello, this article is intended for users that operate a ban database bot!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read through this article and reply if you do...

It's time we try and resolve a big issue in our community. Since many new ban database bots have entered the scene the communities we operate in have the general feedback of "ffs, another ban database bot". You may of seen ban database bots doing many things. However, they all share one, if not many other purposes!

Operating a ban database is risky, can cause lots of backlash and just an all round big task in itself. This is why we are putting the below message out.

It's bloody about time we all as ban database owners get together and start a conversation whether it's about improving or just getting involved with each other. This isn't to start ganging up on who we wish to ban, but getting to know each other and have that easy contact. It's about time we do this - for our community.

If you're a ban database owner we urge you to create a ticket in the STT Discord and let us know your bot and you!

  • .new - creates a ticket.

With this we plan to get a group chat or other solution to get us all together.

Again, thanks for taking a read of this message.

Thank you,

FAXES - #StrongerTogether Team

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