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Partnerships & Discord Promotion


Over the past week we have created a partnership process along with a new Discord channel #i-use-stt.


This new channel is where we will post your Discord invite as a way of saying thanks to you for using our platform and helping the community. As mentioned at the top of the channel if you use STT proudly you can open a ticket in our Discord with .new and send us your Discord invite!



We are looking to partner with some communities that use STT. Currently we are looking for anyone and everyone. You just have to meet the below requirements. Partners get their own channel and promotion within our platform along with an article on our website in the newly created 'Partner Category'.

  • Use the STT Bot in your community
  • Have a positive community guild and be user friendly
  • Not be a currently STT banned user

Interested? Create a contact request. We will reply back with some information we may need!

Have more questions? Submit a request.