#StrongerTogether is a team that strives to make a safer community for all
by creating the STT Bot along with other services to enhance the
security of developers and individuals.

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The Stronger Together Team (also known as STT) is a team of developers who have the love for the games and community. The Stronger Together Team strives to enhance and improve the community as a whole and work together to remove all the bad from the community, making it more secure for you and ourselves! The STT has bonded together to improve each other and your security and to make sure events like leaking, decrypting, re-selling and distributing never happen again as we all spend numerous hours and time on our projects for you.

Feel free to look around our site as we work on making new methods and creating better things to help keep you secure.

Our Statistics

See some statistics that STT has achieved thanks to you!

Active Bans Unbanned Users Server Count Reports Made
623 75 255 339


I know someone distributing content. How do I report this?
We have a report form you can complete here You must be logged in to create and view your reports.

How do I set up STT bot once I've added it?
Click the CONFIGURE BOT button at the top or bottom of any page. This will take you to the bot configuration.

When will I know if my report has been looked at?
We don't disclose the outcomes of reports for every parties safety and security. However, there will be a notification that it has been looked at and reviewed.

What does the STT Bot do?
The Stronger Together Discord Bot is a Discord bot designed to protect your community from the bad. All people that are banned by members on the Stronger Together Team get banned in servers you add this bot too, making it synced! this protects you and others from the un-trusted that leak, rip and distribute our assets!